Blackjack Online

Among all the casino games, online blackjack is all the rage. You will always find it exhilarating to take some time off from your daily grind routine and enjoy a game of online black jack.

In blackjack, there are two opponents - the players and the dealer. The goal is to get the value of your hand nearer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. But you automatically lose if your hand exceeds 21. The dealer starts with dealing two rounds of cards in an anticlockwise manner. Each player is given two cards. One of the dealer’s two cards faces up with its value exposed, while the other faces down. Players have several choices depending on the total value of their cards, which they can employ to beat the dealer.

The Basics You Should Know To Play Online blackjack

– choose this command when you want to take another card and improve the current total of your hand. You can use this option repeatedly as long as your card total does not go over 21. but overdoing this can get you busted, that is, you lose your bet.

Stand - in blackjack language this translates as satisfaction - the dealer will know that you do not want any more cards to be dealt to you. When your total reaches 18 to 20, you should better choose stand to stay away from the possibility of getting busted.

Double-Down – this allows you to double your betting amount in online blackjack with an extra card. But this is a concluding option; you can no longer hit to increase your total. Be wise, choose this command only when the dealer’s face up card shows a low value like 5 while your beginning hand total is something like 10.

Split – say you have a pair, like two 8s. You can then decide on split option and double your bet and the possibility of winning. You will have two sets of cards to play with after you select this command, and you can choose to hit, stand or double. However, after aces have been split, in most cases the dealer can no longer hit.

Surrender – some online blackjack sites will let you give in your hand if expect to be beaten. You will be allowed to retract half your bet.

Insurance – when the face up card is an ace the dealer will provide the players with the choice of taking insurance – laying a wager that the dealer has blackjack. The amount will be half the player’s bet. If the dealer does not have blackjack, you lose your insurance bet but can continue with your original stake.

Some Tips:

• As a beginner you may often hear the idea of assuming the dealer’s hole card always has the value 10. But this is a myth that can bring about a 10% house advantage and can hurt your winning chances.
• Stick to the dealer’s rules. Avoid splitting or doubling. Hit on 16 or a lower value and you will be left at about a 6 percent disadvantage.