Online Blackjack Rules

Blackjack game is a sum of 10 valued cards i.e. 10, Jack, Queens, King and an ace which is counted as 11. So any other combination which totals 21 but consists of the other cards is not a blackjack, just 21points. It pays one and a half times your bet if the dealer also draws Blackjack and in that case you have a stand off.

Practice makes a man perfect and that’s what will happen when you will dwell yourself into the game. When you will know all of the online blackjack rules then you will become a master of it by itself. But if you are still in the learning process try the free available options to master in your strategies and techniques as in online blackjack you compete from the players of the world.

You can use available websites to learn the strategies and various features that you are not aware about. The online blackjack rules only says to

  • Achieve a total that is greater than that of the dealer and it does not exceed 21.
  • Even if there are other players, the dealer is your only opponent

Thus, the winning possibilities are when your total is higher than the dealer’s total or the dealer goes over 21 or busts. In case of “stand off” your total is same as the dealers and nobody loses or wins in that scenario.

Online Blackjack rules to remind:

  • The second card is then dealt face up to each player.
  • From the left of the dealer, each player decides whether to draw further cards.
  • When players have completed their hands the dealer proceeds to draw cards to complete the dealer’s hand.

Here the dealer plays with strict rules and do not take more cards if the plays hand totals 17 or more. If the first two cards are of equal value then these may be split into three separate hands. Aces can be split to form two hands and additional cards are issued for each hand with a wager equal to original bet placed each time you split. However online blackjack rules may differ in a splitting case so consult with the dealers first before deciding your moves.

Smart moves always pay better results and its better to clear any confusion before placing your bets online.